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Understanding Part B Coverage!

Part B is an important piece of your Medicare Coverage. Let me take you step-by-step to better understand Medicare Part B Enrollment!

1. Create an account with; if you haven’t already done so, whether you are starting Social Security checks or not.

2. If you don’t want to use the online portal to create your account and enrollment for Part B, you will need to call the local social security office and make an appointment either by phone or in person.

3. If you or your spouse has worked in the US for 10 plus years your Part A should be automatic when you turn 65, but you need to enroll in Part B with this link. Sign up for Medicare | SSA Scroll halfway to the bottom of the page, look for the blue button that says: “Sign Up for Medicare… Apply On-line” Apply for Benefits, Social Security (

4. If you are only applying for Part B, be sure to put the date you want your Part B to be effective in the remarks section. For most it is either your birth month or the first month after ending employer coverage. Example…if your group coverage ends September 30th then you’ll want Part B to begin October 1st.

This step is very important… Call me with any questions! (615) 944-5707

5. After a couple of weeks (sometimes less and sometimes more) you should see a status change in your portal account; “your application is being processed.” If you don’t see a status change within 4 weeks, you should call the local Social Security office in your area; not the 800 number.

6. There should be 3 status postings in your account:

a. First – Acknowledgement of application receipt.

b. Second – Working to process your application and any additional requirements.

c. Third – You should see either an approval or denial (further instructions)

7. If you still have questions regarding your application, I recommend calling your local social security office, not the national 800 numbers.

8. If you need to provide proof of your credible coverage through your employer please use the link here CMS L564 | CMS and download form L564.

9. If you have other questions concerning the amount of your Part B or Medicare eligibility there are two other documents listed below. Medicare Appeals Guidelines & Redetermination Request Form for high-income earners with incomes that may vary year to year. Also, review Costs | Medicare.

10. Once you have received confirmation of your Part B enrollment and ID card with your unique Medicare number, call me to assist in plan selections to suit your individual needs. I don’t charge fees for my service and recommendations. (615) 944-5707

I can assist you in working through the Medicare enrollment process, but agents are not allowed to create accounts on or supply information regarding your enrollment. This is a function of the government and requires your personal acknowledgement.

I look forward to assisting you further and creating a plan that meets your needs!

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