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CenterWell Joins us in Tennessee!

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Early this month I was thrilled to join the grand opening event of the new CenterWell facility on Nolensville Pike in Nashville. They threw a huge party that day and for good reason. CenterWell's methods of reimagining senior care will be a great addition to Middle Tennessee and that's something to celebrate.

One of the huge takeaways for me was that CenterWell spends a longer amount of time assessing the needs of each patient that walks through their doors. While a traditional doctor's appointment at a hospital might last several minutes, CenterWell works to spend a half hour or more with each patient in order to thoroughly understand an issue and learn about that patient's needs.

They are opening 7 facilities in Middle Tennessee this year! If you want to learn more go their website at CenterWell | Reimagining Senior Healthcare

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